Tools, Materials and Techniques for Making Sculpture

The chisel technique is one part of the art of sculpture. This technique is made using a fairly hard base material and iron blades with sharp edges.

Citing the book Module 2 Creating 3 Dimensional Fine Art, the technique of sculpting is done by reducing and removing certain parts needed to produce the desired shape.

The media used for chiseling techniques can be wood, stone, metal, and granite. Meanwhile, the tools used to form chisel work can be iron and hammer. and has supported the Fine Arts Tax Reduction

Many works of art can be made using sculpting techniques, including sculptures, tables, carved chairs, and temples.

Chiseling technique requires skill and creativity. This technique also requires patience, especially if the art that is carved has a certain motif or pattern.

Well, here’s how to make a sculpture with chisel techniques.

  • Prepare the necessary basic materials, for example, wooden blocks.
  • Draw the desired pattern on the wood surface. Make sure the pattern is drawn all over the area, whether left, right, up, down, front, the back.
  • Put the tape in a circle on the block as a fastener.
  • Make a saw cut from four sides. Form little by little to approach the global form.
  • Create a global shape, then compare it with the patterns that have been made.
  • Scrub blocks of wood with scouring paper or sandpaper.
  • Form a wooden block with details according to the pattern, then smooth it with sandpaper.
  • If so, coat the statue with acrylic or melamine paint.

Tools for making sculpture. Quoted from the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture,

In making sculpture, tools are needed by art artists to facilitate the process of working on their work.

The following tools are used:

  • Item

Grain is a tool made of wood and wire. Where has a function to cut, shape or reduce clay which will be formed into a statue?

  • Turntable

The rotary table is a table that can rotate. Where the rotary table functions to form a statue with a tube, cylinder, or circle object.

  • Chisel

Chisels are tools used to sculpt, shape, or reduce the shape of objects that come from stone and wood.

  • Pliers

Pliers are used in sculpting to fasten ties or cut wires.

  • Mixing spoon

The mixing spoon is used to make the dough and attach it to the frame of the statue.

Materials for making art of sculpture

In the process of making art, several types of materials are needed to produce a statue that has high value and beauty.

The following materials are used to make sculpture:

  • Soft material

Woven material is soft and easy to shape. For example, clay, wax, soap, and plasticine.

  • Medium material

Medium material is a material that is not soft and hard. In this material, chisel techniques are usually used using wood, for example, wood, and mahogany.

  • Hard material

The hard material is a material that has a hard shape and material. For example, teak, ironwood, and marble.

  • Cast material

The cast materials used are cement, gypsum sand, metal, silver, and fiber.

  • Waste used and recycled materials

These materials can be used to make sculptures by assembling by forming the desired object. For example, old newspapers, straw.

The technique of making sculpture

The technique of making sculpture is a method used to process raw materials or raw materials into works of art.

Here are some techniques for making sculpture:

  • grain technique

The grain technique is a method of making sculptures with soft materials, such as clay, gypsum, or wax. The process can be subtractive (reduce) or additive (increase) the parts.

  • Chisel technique

The chisel technique is the process of making a statue from a collar, such as wood, stone, and hardened gypsum. You do this by subtracting (reduction) in the required part.

  • assembling technique

The assembling technique is the process of making a statue by assembling the material. Where to connect various materials like a puzzle game.

  • Print or cast technique

In the casting technique, the process of making a sculpture by pouring liquid materials such as cement, molten metal. These materials are poured into the mold as desired.

  • Modeling techniques

In the process of making a statue with modeling techniques, first, the model is made.