The enemy of newly tattooed is excessive exposure to water. However, it is important to keep your tattoo clean. For detailed instructions on washing it, scroll down.

How To Wash Your New Tattoo

Start the healing process by wiping off any excess ink, blood, or slime. Your tattoo may appear reddish, puffy, and slimy initially, but once you wash it, the slime should disappear. You will have a reddish, puffy tattoo. This skin will feel extremely tender, so you might have to force yourself to wash the newly tattooed areas. You must do it, so don’t be afraid to wash your tattooed area.

  • After you have been tattooed for 4-6 hours, wash your face with a bar of unscented, hypoallergenic soap. You don’t want any lint residue.
  • Be gentle and ensure that the water is not too hot.
  • You should wash your tattoo at most twice per day after the first wash.
  • Don’t soak your tattoo! While showers are acceptable, hot tubs, hot tubs, and pools are not recommended.

Can I Take A Bath?

It is possible to take a shower but not too hot water or standing directly under the spray. This can cause pain. Avoid high heat and direct pressure. Don’t let your skin soak in water.

Is It Painful To Wash My New Tattoo?

It can be uncomfortable or quite painful. The severity of the pain depends on how large the tattoo is, its location, your pain tolerance, and the skill of your tattoo artist.

The first wash is actually something I enjoy a lot. The cool water feels great on my skin and allows me to get a first glimpse at my ink.

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