What Did The Artnews High 200 Collectors Purchase In 2022?

Although it is possibly far-fetched to speak about AI as inventive or imaginative, the melding of photographs from totally different sources, with giant components of the random, carefully approximates some features of the artistic process. AI is appearing like a sort Art News of collective unconscious, and I do find a few of what it produces very fascinating. I don’t suppose that animated movies made totally by AI can be very profitable, however used with human steerage all through the method, they might most likely work very properly.

Armory Show goes fashionable, Haunch of Venison sets New York opening, sizzling exhibits at MOCA L.A., extra. Plus, Banksy news, Trigano Gallery in L.A., art-world appointments, extra. Leibovitz ditches gallery for Phillips, tussle over Hirst coverage, “genius” award to Donovan, more Plus, Artnet launches French website. Election night time follies, art-world awards, Joe Simon takes his struggle on-line, extra.

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